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Sheriff Brisolara has kept his promises and produced results:

  • Improved the security of the Harrison County Jail with required major repairs and renovations (locks, doors, A/C, electronics, video surveillance), bringing the facility up to US Department of Justice standards, thereby improving public safety and minimizing liability (thereby reducing County insurance costs)
  • Reduced jail population by 49% by implementing innovative programs and working closely with the District Attorney and Courts to move inmates quickly through the system while continuing to keep violent offenders behind bars.  These actions also resulted in reduced food, medical, and legal costs for inmate housing
  • Established regular and productive communication with the Board of Supervisors, other County officials and all Police Chiefs involved with law enforcement in Harrison County. Partnerships and communications were also established with law enforcement officials at the State and Federal levels. Sheriff Brisolara is currently active and served as past Chairman of the regional, multi-agency High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) task force, is an active member and current Secretary/Treasurer of the E-911 Commission, and is a member and former Executive Director of the MS Sheriffs Association
  • Implemented state-of-the-art technology throughout the office and vehicle fleet to enable accurate and immediate information retrieval, storage and communications with other law enforcement agencies.  This technology enables timely, effective and cooperative investigations, inmate handling and greatly aids in solving crimes. These new systems include RMS (Records Management System), JMS (Jail Management System) and CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), transitioning all system from the antiquated MS-DOS system
  • Greatly improved employee training which is vital for ensuring the best possible split-second decisions are made by all deputies.   This includes partnering with MS Gulf Coast Community College and the MS Air National Guard to bring the Harrison County Law Enforcement Training Academy back to the MS Gulf Coast (Biloxi), making this training more affordable and accessible
  • Improved workforce quality by implementing educational pay, tuition reimbursement and longevity pay to retain the best qualified, educated and experienced employees
  • Provided quality services to Harrison County citizens while reducing the budget by over 12% since taking office in 2008
  • Improved accountability and efficiency by initiating and strengthening personnel action review boards and implementing an electronic employee timekeeping system with greatly improved records.   This same timekeeping system has been adopted for all Harrison County employees
  • Increased enforcement efforts throughout the rural parts of Harrison County, including establishing a dedicated Narcotics Unit
  • Improved evidence processing by acquiring forensic laboratory equipment using interdiction and grant funds
  • Established a consolidated Dispatch facility for 4 agencies within Harrison County which greatly increases the effectiveness of all agencies involved.  This is also a positive step towards consolidation efforts in keeping with the “One Coast” vision
  • Improved health and fitness of employees by creating a full service exercise facility for all Sheriff’s employees, with the long-term added benefit of increasing responsiveness and reducing absenteeism
  • Established a Mobile Command Center (using federal grant funds) which provides complete and independent emergency response and security for citizens throughout the county